Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Many common phone problems will be traced back to a faulty battery. The Galaxy S6 battery, like every phone battery, as a life span. After 400 charging cycles (essentially a little over a year of use) the battery should ideally be replaced. Most people would rather wait for something to go wrong and when they arise, the issues will include:

• The battery draining faster than it used to
• The phone shuts down at a specific percentage
• The phone will randomly shut down
• The phone won’t charge
• The phone will charge but not to 100%
• The battery percentages will change wildly
• The phone won’t turn on

If your Galaxy S6 is experiencing any of the above, a quick and affordable battery replacement will get your phone back to its best. In just 30 minutes we will complete a replacement and the new battery will benefit from our 12 month iMend Guarantee.

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