iPhone 6 Battery Replacements

Lithium batteries… Surely they can bring out something better soon! It’s one of the most frustrating components of your iPhone 6 when they don’t preform as well as claimed too. iPhone 6 batteries are due for replacement after just 400 charging cycles… Most users charge there iPhone every night so once your phone has it’s first birthday, get ready to witness some of the following issues:

  • Battery dying faster than when it was new
  • Phone turns off at XX% (e.g. 30%)
  • Turning off randomly
  • iPhone 6 won’t charge at all
  • Doesn’t charge to 100%
  • Percentage changes from XX% to XX% all of a sudden
  • iPhone won’t turn on

Easily fixed! iPhone battery replacements are completed within 30 minutes and are not very expensive. Call our friendly team on 1300 046 363 to make an appointment or fill out an enquiry on our contact us page for a quote and/or make a booking.

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