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iPhone 6 Water Damage Repairs

We can do a liquid damage clean on your device which basically cleans all the corrosion and rust off the motherboard, allowing the circuits to flow the way they are meant to flow. In theory the phone should turn on afterwards and 95% of the time, all your data will still be on the phone.

Unfortunately it is not as black and white as that… If any of the components are “fried”, the phone may not turn back on. In some cases we can replace the components, in some cases it’s simply not viable. As a general rule our success rate is 80%. We usually will need the device for 24 hours to clean, diagnose and test the device

We have everything in stock we need and we can fit you in the same day. We can’t stress enough that the sooner you get it to us, the better chance we have of saving it. Don’t bother calling, get in your car and get the device to us ASAP. If you can’t or haven’t got it to us right away, don’t stress, your chances are still about 50%. Leave the phone in rice, in the sun and DO NOT try turning it on and DO NOT keep plugging it in to the charger. Electricity and water are enemies!

So if you iPhone 6 takes a drink, bring it into our store straight away to get started.

12 Month Warranty
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