iPhone 6S Plus Water Damage Repairs


A sound that is fun when you make it and absolutely frightening when your phone makes it. Let’s be very clear, water damage is a very serious problem and if your iPhone 6S Plus is unlucky enough to get wet, you need to closely follow these steps.

Step One – Do not, under any circumstances, try and turn your phone on. Shut it off and keep it off.

Step Two – Get the phone to us as soon as possible.

Step Three – Until you do, place the phone in a bowl of rice and try and put it into direct sunlight.

Step Four – Once again, do not try and turn your phone back on. From outward appearances it may look fine but turning it on could be the death blow.

Now for the good news. At iMend we have an 80% success rate on phones that are brought in immediately and a 50% success rate on phones that get to us later. We think you’ll agree that those are still very good odds.

The cleaning, diagnosis and testing of the device will take 24 hours and any replaced parts will be covered by our 12 month iMend Guarantee.

Bring your phone into our store immediately or call us on 1300 046 363 and we’ll help in any way we can.

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