Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Damage Repairs

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is IP68 certified and waterproof up to 1.5m and for 30 minutes. However, while it can keep most kinds of water at bay (hot water and distilled water are a big no-no), other liquids can be a very different story.

It’s also worth noting that we have seen customers with waterproof phones come in with water damage. They are shocked. Surprised. Annoyed.

Technology isn’t perfect, so we’d recommend not testing the waterproof nature of your S8. You’re just tempting fate.

However, if you had to try it out and now you suspect you may have water damage, make sure you turn your phone off immediately. Try and place it in direct sunlight (preferably in a bowl of rice) and then give us a call so we can assist.

If you suspect there may be a problem, DO NOT turn your phone back on to check. Doing so could put your S8 into an early grave. We have a great success rate (80%) of fixing water damaged phones that get into our hands in short order.

So don’t delay and bring your water damaged Galaxy S8 into iMend Phones for diagnosis, cleaning, and repairs. It may take 24 hours but there’s a good chance we can save your Galaxy S8, and any repairs come with our 12-month iMend Guarantee.

Come on down, call us on 1300 046 363, or fill out the online form today.

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