iPhone X Screen Repairs

The iPhone X display is majestic. It is the first iPhone to feature a super AMOLED screen, which delivers the most vivid colours and darkest blacks yet. The dimensions are 1125 x 2436 pixels spread across 5.8 inches. The freed up bezel space is being used to the fullest effect.

Apple claims this is the most durable screen yet, but durable isn’t going to cut it when you drop your iPhone X from a height greater than 1 meter.  Scratches, cracks, “blacked out”display, black dots, touch sensor issues and shattering is still a distinct possibility, but iMend is here to replace your iPhone X LCD, digitizer, and glass with OEM (Original LCD and Touch sensor panel).

If you need an iPhone X screen repair, contact us today on 1300 046 363, request a quote online, or just pop down to our store and we’d be happy to take a look for you.

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